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Nestlings visit Chandigarh’s largest gaushala

On 4th June 2022, Nestlings from Chandigarh visited Gaushala, Sector 45, Chandigarh. It is Chandigarh’s largest Gaushala, with more than 1200 cows. Indeed it was an extremely wonderful experience. The gaushala was very well maintained by Gauri Shankar Sewa Dal. Milk giving cows are segregated from others, and the calves and mother cows were kept together. Diseased cows are separately kept and treated. Apart from this, there were coolers and sprinkler fans to protect the cattle from the scorching heat.
We, Nestlings visited the entire gaushala and fed the cattle with green fodder and jaggery (gur). The experience was quite overwhelming. The feeling of feeding the cows and the unsaid words by them made our day. It was just an hour, which proved the fact that “gau sewa” gives immense pleasure. Also, there is a temple alongside, which we could not resist visiting. Followed by this was a little discussion amongst the Nestlings.
The positivity and the aura of the place encouraged us to look forward to more such activities.

भोपाल में वनवासी बालक छात्रावास का अनुभव

सेवा प्रकल्प की कड़ी को आगे बढ़ाते हुए महीने के चौथे रविवार (27/03/2022) भोपाल NESTLINGS को सेवा भारती निर्मला सगदेव बनवासी बालक छात्रावास में जाने का अवसर प्राप्त हुआ। जहां पर दुर्गम क्षेत्रों से आने वाले बालकों को शिक्षा का अवसर प्राप्त हो रहा है साथ ही साथ इन बच्चों को समाज की मुख्यधारा से कैसे जोड़ा जाए इसका भी भरपूर प्रयास किया जा रहा है।

भारतीय परंपरा अनुसार सर्वप्रथम हम सभी का वहां परिचय हुआ और प्रशासन द्वारा छात्रावास के क्रियाकलापों और छात्रों की दिनचर्या के बारे में जानकारी प्राप्त हुई।इसके पश्चात वहां अध्ययनरत बच्चों से मिलने का हमें अवसर प्राप्त हुआ और उन बच्चों के चेहरे पर एक अलग ही मासूमियत देखने को मिली और उस मासूमियत के पीछे उनकी आंखों में बहुत सारे सपने भी दिखाई दिए।

उनसे बात करने के बाद हमने जाना कि सभी की रूचि अलग-अलग क्षेत्रों में है और छात्रावास में पूर्ण रूप से उन बच्चों के विकास पर काम हो रहा है।
बच्चों के कौशल विकास(skills Development) के लिए वहां पर अलग-अलग प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन होता रहता है । इस बार दो दिवसीय प्रशिक्षण वर्ग का आयोजन हुआ जिसमें उनको (Warli art)वार्ली आर्ट के बारे में जानकारी दी गई और साथ ही साथ उनको वार्ली पेंटिंग करना भी सिखाया गया और सभी ने अपनी कला का बहुत अच्छा प्रदर्शन किया।

कुछ बच्चों ने वाद्य यंत्र के साथ कृष्ण भजन हमें सुनाया जिसको सुनने के बाद हमें लगा कि इनका सिर्फ शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में ही नहीं हर क्षेत्र में विकास हो रहा है।उन बच्चों के विकास में हम कितना योगदान दे सकते हैं इसके बारे में हमने भी चर्चा की।
इसके बाद फिर से आने के वायदे के साथ हमने उन सब से विदा ली।

Indore Nestlings spend time with young girls of ‘Jewan Umang Chatrawas’

The NESTlings of Indore, have decided to visit various Seva prakalps that exist in the city on the 4th Sunday of every month. This will enable them to visit all the prakalps and understand what is their area of interest and how they want to contribute going forward. Below is an experience shared by them.

‘Yesterday i.e. 27/02/2022, we had an enriching and humbling experience as we got the opportunity to visit the Jeevan Umang Girls Hostel that endeavours to cater to the wholesome needs of young girls from tribal areas of MP facilitating their studies from class 6th up to class 12th.

We kick-started the visit by getting familiar with the administration and then taking a tour of the hostel premises stopping in between to share a quick hello with the girls in their rooms who were a little perplexed but also excited to know why we were there.
Thereafter, we had a very engaging meet with the girls where we first introduced NEST Bharat and what it stands for and went ahead to let the girls take the lead in introducing each other by pairing them. This was an ice breaker.
The NESTlings also introduced themselves. On learning that we were from varied professional pursuits, the initial hesitation fizzled out and we were presented with innocent but sincere questions on how to apply and choose colleges/universities to become a doctor, lawyer, policeman etc. We also collectively shared insights on other educational/professional alternatives. It was nice to know that they not only hold an interest in studies but also enjoy extracurricular activities equally. They have a lot of dancers, singers & athletes amongst them.

As the day progressed, we realised that the girls are so bright and full of contagious energy. It was heartwarming to see how they have climbed up the ladder and transformed their lives given their humble background.
Seva Bharti is indeed doing a great job in transforming their lives by catering to their overall development from studies, sports, health & hygiene, sanskaar kendra and other co-curricular activities.
Spending time with them has deepened our understanding of their needs and areas where help can be rendered. With the right guidance and little motivation, they can do wonders! Thus, taking note of their feedback, we left with the promise to come back soon.’